2 TM: Rome, Italy (11th-14th September 2018)

The second project meeting has been newly completed under the hosting of Italian Project Teams: Consorzio Innopolis, Chamber of Commerce Frosinone and Disamis SRL. The meeting program was started with the welcoming speech of partners and straightly moved to the project activities carried out and intellectual outputs. After the presentations of partners on their work of intellectual output, there was a brain storming activity on how the entrepreneurship ideas should be come out and which tools should be used by the entrepreneur. We organized an interactive communicative activity to clear out how the entrepreneurship should be gained by vet learners.

The participants also visited the Fab Lab Frosinone and the visitors could see the brilliant entrepreneurial ideas. The digital entrepreneurs created their genuine and authentic products.

During the meeting we have planned the intellectual outputs and finalize the scheme of them. Till next project, we will successfully complete the O1 and nearly finalize the O2.

We have been discussing the parts contents of the Intellectual Output 1 and Intellectual Output 2. Besides, we have overwied the activities of the project during the meeting sessions. Click here for the decisions and the workplan of the intellectual outputs.

Click here for the currciculum class design template.

Click here for the Rome Meeting Agenda.