1-Karaman İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü

Karaman Provincial Directorate of National Education is a state institution in charge with the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities in pre-school, primary, secondary and adult education in Karaman. Our institution has been providing service to 1 Practical Kindergarten, 13 Kindergarten, 125 Kindergarten classes, 98 Primary Schools, 61 Secondary Schools, 17 Anatolian High Schools, 1 Social Sciences High School, 2 Science High Schools, 22 Vocational High Schools, 9 Multi-Program High Schools, 38 Private Educational Institutions, 1 Vocational Education and Training Center, 6 Public Education Centers, 1 Practical Education School, 16 Private Education Institutions and 3 Teacher’s Lodge. There are 91 teachers and 2020 students Kindergarten Institutions, 969 teachers and 17864 students at Primary schools, 852 teachers and 13450 students at Secondary Schools. Besides this there are 860 teachers and 14332 students at different types of high schools. In addition to these normal schools there are more than 7 schools for only students who need special education. Furthermore our institution is responsible for supporting the families who have handicapped children financially. There is a team consist of two English Language teachers at a department called European Union and Foreign Affairs, which was founded in accordance with circular numbered 2009/19. This team is responsible for implementing the projects of the institution and guiding the whole teachers in Karaman about the new EU program Erasmus+. In 2014 and a Strategic Partnership Between Local/Regional Authorities (KA2) and 1 School Staff Mobility Project (Vocational Education-KA1), in 2015 a School Staff Mobility (School Education KA1), an Adult Education (KA1) and a Strategic Partnership in the Field of Vocational Education (KA2) were accepted within the scope of Erasmus+ programme and these projects are still being implemented by our institution successfuly. As a result of this Karaman Provincial Directorate of National Education is an experienced institution about EU projects and local projects.


2-Karaman Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi

Karaman Vocational And Technical High School (Karaman Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi) is a secondary-education institution giving professional education, founded by the Ministry of Education in 10.09.1969. In the 1968-1969 academic year, with 25 students it started education in professional domain in Karaman Merkez Vocational and Technical High School. Since 1999-2000 academic year, it continued education with a single building on 20.000 m² area. Our school embodies 6 buildings. For cultural lessons there are 36 classrooms in 2 separate buildings, for the practical vocational lessons there are in total 16 workshops  and laboratories in 2 separate buildings. In our institution there are two different types of schools, namely Anatolian Technical and Anatolian Vocational High Schools. In these, education is provided on fields of Information Technologies, Electric-Electronic Technology, Industrial Automation Technologies, Renewable Energy Technologies. The school has 80 staff including the teachers, trainers, managers and school board. There are 730 students. The school supplies 4 year education. In the first year at school, the students take the common classes and study the same subjects with general high schools. In the second year, the students select their departments and study the vocational and technical subjects.


3-Temizel Unlu MTAL (Temizel Unlu Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi)

Temizel – Unlu Vocational and Technical High School is a secondary-education institution giving professional education, founded by the Ministry of Education in 10.09.1998. In the 1998-1999 academic year, with 16 students it started education in professional domain in Karaman Merkez Vocational and Technical High School. Since 1999-2000 academic year, it continued education with a single building on 22.000 m² area. In 2014, 3 new buildings were added to the same area. Our school embodies 4 buildings. For cultural lessons there are 36 classrooms in 2 separate buildings, for the practical vocational lessons there are in total 16 studios and laboratories in 2 separate buildings. In our institution there are two different types of schools, namely Anatolian Technical and Anatolian Vocational High Schools. In these, education is provided on fields of Information Technologies, Electric-Electronic Technology, Industrial Automation Technologies, and Renewable Energy Technologies. Our vision is to provide our students with a common liberal education and technological education, thus making them of good character, just and honest, sensitive to social events, adequate in problem solving, open to development, productive, of self-esteem and self-control, using and improving technology, and finally make our students individuals who have full knowledge of the work field they are in, of high education and of life. About 25% of our graduates engage into work life from license education, about 65% from pre license education, and about 10% engage directly into work after education.


 4-UAB “Alfa idejos ir technologijos”

Alfa Ideas and Technologies ( is a consulting company operating in the field of non formal education, coaching and consultancy. seeks to help individuals and organizations to discover their values, set challenging goals and find inspiration to pursue them. Our focus is to help people discover and grow up their talents and develop competencies. Our company is providing consultancy services and experiential workshops for companies, teachers and individuals:

– For companies provides coaching and cosultancy services and organize workshops in the field of talent management, emotional intelligence development, creative problem solving, effective communication, change management, intercultural communication, the implementation of coaching culture, career management, public speaking, etc. also organize different motivational and team building events for the employees of different companies.

– For teachers and educational staff provides workshops regarding competence development, fostering creative thinking, motivation raising, implementing coaching philosophy into educational practice.

– For individuals organizes seminars and workshops in the field of personal development, goal achievement, career management, etc. A part of this target group is women seeking to improve their life quality, find life balance and achieve certain professional goals. organises experiential workshops for women based on art therapy, creative thinking and coaching techniques.

– For business starters organizes workshops and provides consultancy services regarding the business plan development and design of business model.



The Frosinone Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craft and Agriculture (CCIA) is a public body endowed with functional autonomy with functions in support of enterprise system and promotion and development of local economy. These aims are pursued through the implementation of actions based on the needs of the main economic sectors, represented by trade associations within the Chamber. The main fields of action are: internationalization, training, enterprise technological innovation, collection and dissemination of information to economic operators, development of advanced services to companies. Institutional services are related to the obligations the entrepreneurs have to fulfill at the Chamber in order to launch or modify any kind of activity: business registration processes, registries, rolls and lists management, licenses, certificates and permissions issuance for actions in Italy and abroad.Support services include actions aimed at promoting and assisting the local economy development, propelling business relationships also at international level, financing projects for new enterprises, organizing significant events, as well as documentation services such as studies, researches and socioeconomic analysis on Province. The headquarter is in the city of Frosinone, but Chamber of Commerce has also local offices established in the cities of Sora and Cassino.


6-Disamis SRL

Disamis is a firm founded in 2002. It works in the field of social research and studies, aiming at fostering local development, active employment policies, business startup, equal opportunities, training needs analysis and training. Disamis provides public and private customers with consulting and technical assistance activities in identifying, processing, managing, monitoring and assessing development projects and programs, socio-economical researches (questionnaires and interviews) and feasibility studies.  It can cover the whole project cycle, working on each specific phase. Indeed Disamis strategy is referred to EU methodologies of project cycle management: 1. Planning (technical assistance, analysis, identification of strategy), 2. Identification (research, needs analysis, ex ante assessment, participatory planning), 3. Drafting (consulting, networks and partnerships, training workshops), 4. Funding, 5. Implementation (project management, assessment in itinere, technical assistance), 6. Assessment (final assessment ex post, best practices, impact indicators). Disamis can work in a wild range of sectors: territorial development and territorial animation actions, SMEs, territorial development networks, socio economic planning etc. Disamis has a strong experience in the field of technical assistance and evaluation of international projects:

– Technical assistance in Your first EURES job Project (YfEj 4.0), 2016;

– Ex post assessment CinemArena project in Kenya e Uganda (on health education in slum areas), 2015;

– Monitoring and in itinere and ex post Assesment Audience Developer Skills and Training in Europe (LLP-Da Vinci), 2014;

– Assessment Digital Education Through Adult Leartners EU-Enlargement Stories (Grundtvig), 2012;

-external evaluation of the project “Improving socio – economic conditions of rural vulnerable communities of Marracuene – Mozambique” CESVI (NGO) financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (2009).


7-Consorzio Innopolis

The aim of non-profit Consorzio Innopolis is to foster the socio-economic growth of the Country, through a multidisciplinary approach  in order to improve existing resources and to support the development activities promoted by Private and Public Bodies. The main objective is to contribute to the socio-economic development of the local realities by performing research and training activities and providing expert advice to the various active players of the territory. Consorzio Innopolis arises from the synergy and the union of Research Centers, Training Agencies, Local Bodies and Consulting Companies that work in the various areas of intervention. Innopolis has an eight-person permanent team (one Director, two Sector Managers (Welfare and Training), one EU planning Manager, one Administration Manager, one Reporting Manager, two Project Secretaries) and about 50 persons between consultants and teachers in various spheres of activity.

In the last years Consorzio Innopolis mainly carried out activities of local development promoting and training. The following are the principal projects carried out in the last years:

– Lead Partner in a geographic partnership within the framework of EQUAL European Community Initiative second phase, Region of Calabria

– Technical Assistance and Training in four projects aimed at unemployed disabled people from ten municipalities in Province of Frosinone – Sviluppo Lazio, Region of Lazio

– Provision of about 20 training paths, within the framework of  European Social Funds, Regione Lazio

– Provision of about 20 Training Plans within the framework of the main Inter-professional Funds (Fonservizi, FBA, For.Te, Fondimpresa, Fonter)

– Provision of about 20 Courses with CME – Continuous Medical Education credits issue, The Health Ministry

– Provision of 5 SPAL Courses (workers on redundancy payment)

– Provision of one professional apprenticeship course, Province of Latina, Regione Lazio

Consorzio Innopolis is:

  • Training Agency accredited Lazio Region for Continued and Superior Training, also for disadvantaged groups – Rif. 11283 n. D0318 04/02/2010
  • Provider CME (Provider CME National Roll, n. 3555 from 19/09/2012); CME stands for Continuous Medical Education
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, Sector EA37 (Planning and Providing Vocational Training Service) from 2004



Braga Mobility Open or just Braga mob (our brand), is a SME with 1-20 employees, is based in Braga and is an experienced education center working also with motilities that received a lot of participants in the Leonardo da Vinci projects under last program LLP until 2013 and recently in Erasmus Plus. Their staff has participated in countless projects related to international mobility. The company have a staff specializing in various areas, developing a educational scope. The organization also has co-workers in areas where it has less knowledge. Account with many partnerships Braga mob, have strong partners such as: Braga city council, The Industrial Association of Minho, The Commercial Association, the municipal government of S.Victor, and a partnership with Cultural and Social Center of Adriao Saint Association (Social institution with quality certification and a large experience on mobility projects). In fact it allows Braga mob for almost total coverage to meet the needs of those looking for Braga mob. Braga mob ‘s  mission is create and foster educational, cultural,  social, recreational and entertainment directing the benefits of multicultural to a growing number of people with a maximum service of excellence. Braga mob want to develop the education with business relationships and professional relationships with all types of businesses, schools, NGO, governmental institutions and organizations across Europe.


9-Associação Comercial de Braga

Funded in 1863, the ACB is a business association with multisectoral and multi-district character. It aggregates and represents economical agents of this region of the North of Portugal, mainly connected to the tertiary sector of regional economics, in regards to their constant development and collective fate. It aims to guarantee the development and promotional activity of business and associative initiatives in the geographical area constituted by the municipalities of Amares, Braga, Terras de Bouro and Vila Verde, Póvoa de Lanhoso and Vieira do Minho. In 2005, and in regards to extend ACB’s range, it was approved in a general meeting the extension of its scope of influence and it became possible to welcome associates based in any part of the country as well as foreign countries, as long as they carry out an activity of business nature. Performance: to achieve its mission the ACB guarantees to their associates the fulfillment of the following goals: to represent, defend and promote economic, social, professional and cultural interests; encouraging a good understanding and solidarity, promoting services of collective interest; to develop plans and actions of professional training which contribute to the increase of competitivity of the sectors represented; being a valid interlocutor in the presence of public and private institutions; to organize services, propose and implement initiatives, at the level of promoting business development and boosting and reinforcing the associative movement. Portugal has been developing an economy increasingly based on services and dedicated to tourism. Parallel to this tendency, over 60% of the corporate world existent in the municipalities of Amares, Braga, Póvoa de Lanhoso, Terras de Bouro, Vieira do Minho and Vila Verde develop their activity in the tertiary economy sector. The municipality of Braga is the main contributor to the enrichment of this indicator, with over 65% of its corporate activity centered in this sector.


10-Kauno mokslo ir technologijų parkas

Kaunas Science and Technology Park is the largest partner of science and business cooperation in this Baltic country. More than 200 companies have been incubated here with a success rate exceeding 90%. Today, we integrate more than 70 companies from IT sector, high tech sector, consultancies, advertisement & publishing companies and associated members. More than 90% employees of Kaunas Science and Technology Park companies are graduates, students or current academic staff of Kaunas University of Technology. Our Park is an experienced & qualified partner to more than 50 science institutions and business associations from 23 countries. We have performed such roles as Assistant in E-Learning to innovative SMEs, Mediator of 500 Business Partnerships, Author of Regional Innovation Strategy, Facilitator of newly established businesses, Connector of different generation activities in Innovative Space Creation, and National Coordinator for the EU-scale Spatial Data project and many more. International partnership (more than 2000 companies) is realised via participation in European and world wide networks and associations: IASP, BASTIC, SPICE group, WAINOVA. National partnership accounts the partnering with business support network, Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Kaunas Regional Development Agency as well as Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.